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J.M. Kearns writes about relationships.

Sometimes non-fiction, sometimes novels, sometimes songs. You'll find them all on here.

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Q&A with J.M. Kearns
Shopping for Mr.Right:
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his other books?
"Luck and Obsession:
how a writer was made..."
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It's called The Deep End.
To learn more about the book, just press this link.
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J.M. Kearns writes about relationships.

His novel
The Deep End has just been published in the U.S. for the first time.

His best-selling relationship book
Why Mr. Right Can't Find You has been published in Canada, the US, the UK, and Australia; and has recently been translated into French and Chinese. Embraced by readers and the press on both sides of the Atlantic, it has been featured on Oprah & Friends Radio and in OK! Magazine, Glamour, Cosmopolitan-UK, Maclean's, The Toronto Star, and many others.

J.M. also wrote
Better Love Next Time, a book that explores what your broken heart is trying to tell you: how to overcome the damage of a failed relationship and unearth its hidden messages.

His third non-fiction book,
Shopping for Mr Right, is the second installment of the ideas of Why Mr. Right Can't Find You. See the Q&A link in the star below, for how the two books relate.

His latest relationship book,
How Can I Be Your Lover When I'm Too Busy Being Your Mother? is featured on its own page on this site.

His bio is here. For more on his books, please press here; for his songs, press here.
the lover-mother book
J.M Kearns' first novel has just been published in the U.S.
In this novel, Kearns probes the attachments that can either tear us apart or make us whole -- attachments to nightmarish day jobs, to family members who don't always understand us, to childhood places that we can't return to -- and to the lover right in front of us that we resist truly knowing.