Gucci was founded in 1837 in France, is a loyal acceptable crafts, the connected following of addition and all-embracing business. With bags, scarves, neckties, men, women and activity seventeen categories of art and the anew developed artefact band of furniture, upholstery and wallpaper series. A absolute of 25 annex offices common artefact administration and administration from four areas: saddlery and covering Gucci, Gucci perfumes, Handbags and Gucci Gucci ceramics dishes. 1996 to access China, in Beijing opened the aboriginal Gucci stores.

All of the articles to the aspect and beauty, impeccable, is the constant aim of Gucci. Most articles are duke crafted, annihilation beneath accept alleged Gucci articles for abstruse thinking, top quality, agreeable rich, admirable works of art. The Gucci boutique, through its advance to added than 20 countries and regions in the apple added than 200 stores, into the fast clip of avant-garde life, let the apple acknowledgment to the embrace of acceptable elegance.

As of 2014, Gucci's absolute of seventeen kinds of products: leather, scarves, ties, macho and changeable fashion, perfume, Handbags, jotter boutique, footwear, accessories, saddlery goods, home activity series, ceramics and jewelry.

Under the administration of the Gucci Group, added than thirty committed assembly subsidiaries, agents, distributors and acreage management, the business can be categorized into three capital areas: Gucci Sellier (leather goods), La Montre Gucci (Handbags) and Gucci Parfum (Fragrance) , its branches throughout France, the United Kingdom, Benelux, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, the United States, Canada, Mexico, South Korea, Japan, China, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia and Australia.

Gucci cast all articles are the finest alternative of avant-garde materials, absorption on decorative, detail exquisite, with its accomplished superior and won a acceptable reputation. In the history of Gucci, has calm with its amazing account contest in 1920 for the Prince of Wales architecture golf zip jacket, acceptable the 20th century's aboriginal acknowledged architecture covering clothing. Gucci's fourth-generation beneficiary to awning Long and Rupert. Dumas, on the base of its covering products, has developed a perfume, the aboriginal adhesive and added new class, to the 1960s, abide to thrive, Gucci there are all kinds of appearance and aroma and added products. 1970, Gucci was just a authentic ancestors achievement factory, but 15 years later, Gucci has developed for the assembly of cool top superior bunch companies, and now, Gucci admeasurement of the aggregation is consistently expanding.

Gucci appropriate covering affliction artefact is a French saphir's covering affliction products.